December 16th, 2008

Welcome Volunteer

This celadon beauty is an heirloom pumpkin—a jarrahdale blue.
It grew at the end of a long and persistent vine that originated in the flower bed off my urban front porch and tendriled its way through the yard to the street. I’d like to claim that I had something to with it, but other than allowing last year’s pumpkins to rot and slump into that flower bed, I did not. My prized baby blue is a true volunteer.

Hurray for volunteers!

It’s in that spirit that this blog is created:
A place to share stories, tips, and recipes about foods that I’m cooking at the moment, or finding at a farmer’s market, in a friends garden, my front yard, or teaching about in a class. For all our obsession on food in our culture—the fast, the slow, the exotic, the celebrated—I find that focusing on what we can make simply, with fresh ingredients, can best nourish body and spirit.

Good Food Matters.

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