August 30th, 2011

The Game of 7


gifts of odd fruit, from Martine, left on our table in Uvita, Costa Rica

Dear Friends,

As a food blogger, I’ve not been one to participate in different games or give-aways. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Those are fun methods to further connections via the ‘net.


Not once but twice of late I have been invited by fellow writers (thank you Tracy and Anna) to play the game of 7: a list and link to 7 of what I consider to be noteworthy posts.

After a little consideration, I decided to jump in and play. Good Food Matters has been around for about 2 1/2 years, and that’s added up to a heap of recipes, stories, pictures, commentary. Sometimes it is worthwhile to cast a glance back over a body of work, see where you’ve been.

And then it’s time to move forward. I’m getting some beautiful melons tomorrow from Fresh Harvest Co-op, sure inspiration for a late summer recipe and story.

In the meantime, enjoy. Maybe one of the links will take you somewhere you haven’t visited before. Or take you back for another welcome look. Or maybe there’s a different post I should have put on the list? I invite your input.

And thank you, as always, for reading.


1. Most Popular Post
Ray’s Green Beans with bacon, corn, buttermilk, and dill
What I did with my “annual allotment” from neighbor Ray this past June resonated far and wide.


2.Most Beautiful Post
Mango-Tango, mango-filled white butter cake
I’m not sure that it’s my most beautiful post, but it is my most beautiful cake.


3.Most Helpful Post
Yes We Can Can
My step-by-step tutorial on canning tomatoes is one that even I keep revisiting!

prepped for the grill

4.Most Controversial Post
Red Snapper
My tale about a 1971 high school trip to Florida garnered one cautionary comment about over-fishing. The post was not intended for any controversy. I just really like this story.


5.The Post that surprised me by the amount of attention it received
Green Tomato Madness
Maggie and I played one afternoon last fall with a bucket of green tomatoes, with whacky, mixed results.


6. The Post that I felt deserved more attention
Figs, Unforeseen
Hard call. But this was indeed a pretty post about a favored fruit, not much seen–


7. The post of which I am most proud
Swirling Brownies Forever
Maybe because these brownies were key to the launch of my culinary career—maybe because I’ve made them more times than I can count—-I have to honor my fabulous marbled cream cheese brownies. They are my cooking legacy!

The game continues. I invite these food bloggers to join in, and I invite you all to read their marvelous blogs.

Food on Fifth
Darjeeling Dreams
My Little Expat Kitchen
Rachel Eats



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28 Responses to “The Game of 7”
  1. Denise | Chez Danisse Says:

    Your fig post! It did deserve my attention. I love your odd fruit photograph. A nice selection of posts here. Visiting your space is always a pleasure. I’m glad you do what you do.

  2. goodfoodmatters Says:

    Thank you, Denise! and thanks to Tracy for giving both of us the nudge to play the 7. Perhaps rachel will too, since you and I both have her on the list to prompt.

  3. Kath Says:

    I am going to give the canned tomatoes post some of my attention as I hope when our tomatoes eventually ripen *drum fingers impatiently* we will have enough to can. My favourite post of yours is the waffle one. But then every post of yours is a pleasure to read. I hope Rachel does it too.

  4. goodfoodmatters Says:

    Kath, hope your tomato harvest is huge; the canning post really helps it go easily. thanks for noting your fave—I love the “buckwheat waffles for the birthday girl” post too.

  5. Kitchen Belleicious Says:

    Love seeing all your links! You picked some fantastic ones to share but I think my favorite is the cake. I want to make it so bad!

  6. Wendy Says:

    Loved the “swirling brownies” and revisiting those magical, quirky days at Goodies. And I was there when the infamous “brownie bowl” finally shattered, an event that became a sign for you to take your career in a new direction–a really good story you need to share with your readers—

  7. Three-Cookies Says:

    It was nice to see this post, I am relatively new to your blog and didn’t see most of these great posts. Those Swirling Brownies look amazing, and I am sure they are awesome to eat too

  8., Teresa Blackburn Says:

    Nance, I had the fun of going back and looking at all of your choices and what a fab collection of “7″. I thank you so much for putting Food on Fifth on your list of favorites as well and love a challenge as you know…so “7″ it is….next blog!
    Also one of my favorite ever of your blogs was on Sept. 8th, 2009, “Madeleine’s Mocha Fudge Torte” and I would nominate it for one of your most beautiful cakes/desserts ever. And of course your brownies are a legend here in Nashville which I can never get enough of..
    Congrats on your wonderful, continuing and inspirational posts. T

  9. Karen Says:

    Oh no! Someone beat me to it…I wanted to nominate you! :-( But I’m glad you shared your game of 7 with us regardless. I’m not very keen on games and such myself, but Stevie invited me in the kindest of all ways, so I’ll be posting my seven shortly. By the way, I enjoy every one of your posts and always love stopping by to see the delicious dishes you’ve made.

  10. goodfoodmatters Says:

    thanks, all!

    Wendy–someday the story of that brownie bowl will be published, one way or another.

    Terese-glad that you are going to take up the challenge. I suspect the Dutchman will be featured in at least one of those 7!

    Karen–thanks for those kind words. I look forward to reading your 7—such great travels that you have had really made for compelling posts.

  11. FOODESSA Says:

    I do remember those brownies well.
    Now, Nancy, I’ll have to go give a little love and attention to your fig post…not too hard for me to enjoy one of your recipes with a fruit I love ;o)

    Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,

  12. gigi Says:

    my beautiful, beautiful birthday cake !!!! i loved seeing it again. will always be grateful. gxx

  13. Cathy Says:

    I was proudest of you for “Swirling Brownies,” too. This piece was written from the heart.

  14. gg Says:

    Nancy, I’m so glad you did this, I love the fig post! I have to admit, I LOVE that brownie post and they are my go-to brownie recipe since I first read that story. Every time I make the brownies I reread the story for inspiration. You do such great work: I want to read the brownie bowl story!!! xoxoxo –gg loyd

  15. goodfoodmatters Says:

    Claudia, Cath, gigi—thank you so much.

    gg–so glad to hear from you—I have been wondering how your new life (in pittsburgh??) is going. love to you.

  16. Beth Says:

    I loved reading your choices. I must say that I’m envious of anyone with access to fresh figs. Lucky you!

  17. Juliana Says:

    Nancy, love the links…some I’ve seen before, and it was nice to see what I’ve missed…great choices.
    Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend :-)

  18. anna and liz recipes Says:

    what a great post! i love your mango cake and your swirly brownies!:)

  19. rach Says:

    I will -despite my goulash and frankly sloppy attitude lately – not sure I would if it wasn’t you and Denise though. I hope you know I like to visit you here Nancy, even when I’m burying my head in the sand, it’s because your food and words are just so delicious, honest and real. x

  20. kankana Says:

    such lovely links you shared and that brownie and the canned tomatoes are awsm ones.

  21. Magda Says:

    I loved your mango cake and I’m with Denise on the figs. They certainly deserve attention.

    I love coming to your space here Nancy and I always enjoy reading your words and seeing your beautiful food.
    Thank you for inviting me to play!

  22. Ashley Says:

    I am going to watch that canning tutorial; I have been avoiding those little can for so long, but I see jams in my future.

  23. Barbara Says:

    So difficult to choose, but I’d love the fig post. They are fabulous right now. Going to check it out!

  24. Juliana Says:

    Nancy, thanks for the links…in spite of having seen most of them…it is always nice to see them again :-) Love them all, especially the decorated mango cake.
    Hope you are having a great week :-)

  25. Faith Says:

    A really lovely round-up, Nancy! Looking back is fun, isn’t it? I remember that gorgeous white mango cake…and those green beans! I’m definitely craving a plate full of those green beans now. ;)

  26. Karen (Back Road Journal) Says:

    I just want to say that I’m happy that you took up the challenge. I have found so many new and very talented bloggers this way. Your choices are great and I look forward to visiting again. I too participated in the challenge and it was fun.

  27. Christine @ Fresh Local and Best Says:

    I remember many of these posts. I still have the swirling brownies bookmarked to make. I’m also looking forward to trying Ray’s Green Beans with bacon, corn, buttermilk, and dill. It looks so good!

  28. Maggie Says:

    Hey Nance, better late than never, to comment, that is! ALL of your posts are wonderful!! I’m so happy that some of our adventures made it into the Game of 7! It’s always a pleasure, and here’s looking forward to our next foray into food and fun!

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