March 2nd, 2011

Pura Vida

Casa Moonvine Front Porch

From the back terrace window

Guavas and large hibiscus bloom from the “yard”

Costa Rica’s National Flower

Brilliant flowers picked from the grounds

Good Morning Friends, from Costa Rica !

I had a moment, on this astonishing holiday,
to check in and say hey, Buenos Dias Amigos, and tell you a bit about this journey.

I am in a little wi-fi friendly bar in Uvita, drinking an Agua Mineral while Bill is several kilometers down the coastal highway taking his second (!) surfing lesson.

We are on the Pacific, staying in a spectacular home up a steep (as in sometimes straight up) and tortuous (as in crazy hairpin turns) dirt road that overlooks Punta Uvita–a large and curious whale-tail shaped sandbar that juts far out into the water. At high tide, waves lap over the tail and all but cover it up.

The house is in the midst of what is called Secondary Rainforest. It is jungle. We are surrounded by dense and radiant vegetation: mango, guava, and banana trees, brilliant flowering hibiscus, birds of paradise, lantana, heliconia, Jamaica, orchids: large and beautiful flora that we have enjoyed in our homes during the summer months, but flourish year round in this, their natural habitat.

Toucans abound, in seeming impossible flight with those startling, top heavy bills. Butterflies of varieties I have never before seen—some are rust orange, neon blue—appear, and then vanish. They say that monkeys live here too, but they have been shy, so far.

We arrived in this tropical paradise a few days ago, and shall remain until mid-March. It isn’t easy to blog on my tiny net book here–but I hope to write more later, connectivity permitting. But know that I will catch up with you all soon. In Costa Rica, the sign-off is “PURA VIDA” pure life, an acknowledgement of the wonder of life here in all its beauty and blessings.

Pura Vida,

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24 Responses to “Pura Vida”
  1. Denise | Chez Danisse Says:

    Fabulous! Beyond ‘fabulous’, I am speechless…

  2. FOODESSA Says:

    Nancy…how sweet life is for you right now.
    Enjoy every single breath and colorful site for all of us.

    A pure enjoyment was hearing from you and your early vacation experience.

    Have a great vacancia my dear friend ;o)


  3. Christine @ Fresh Local and Best Says:

    It sounds like you are in paradise! I would love to someday be surrounded by mango, guava, and banana trees, what bounty and delight! I hope you have a fabulous time!

  4. Michele Napoli Says:

    Pura Vida for sure. Paradise for sure. Enjoy!

  5. Teresa/ Says:

    Muy bonita, yo te amo las photographicas mucho. La flora y fauna son perfecto. Como las comidas? Muchas fruitas frescas? Vacationes buenas mi amiga.

  6. Roger Says:

    Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Crap! that’s my outlook reminder, gotta get on a conference call. Tell Bill, I’ll take one for the team. Love you guys!!

  7. Patsy Says:

    I am bright, pulsing, throbbing green with envy!

  8. Wendy Says:

    Of course, you know, we are all pea green with envy. It all looks so beautiful. Remember everything so you can tell us later. Actually, it is really nice in Nashville right now–I emailed Jen and all is well at your Beechwood casa. Have fun—

  9. Wendy Says:

    Of course, you know, we are all pea green with envy. It looks so beautiful. Remember everything so you can tell us later. Actually, it is really nice in Nashville right now–I emailed Jen and all is well at your Beechwood casa. Have fun—

  10. Cathy Says:

    I loved waking up to this. Thank you for taking time during your vacation to think of your faithful readers–who are eager to read more!

  11. heather Says:

    Buona vacanza!!!

  12. gg Says:

    May you soak up some much-deserved health and pure life-joy! Can’t wait to catch up when you get back.

  13. mark Says:

    It looks beautiful, relaxing and vibrant. Enjoy and relax. Claudette says hi and don’t eat the guava, it has worms!

  14. Barbara Says:

    Oh Nance!
    The pics are gorgeous. I am sure you and Bill are having a wonderful and well deserved holiday. And Bill taking surfing lessons–that is cool–and brave I might add! I hope you will be able to try the zip line through the jungle at some point. My friend Drea did it there and had a blast! How is the food? And the grocery? I am sure you will be able to whip up something wonderful with what ever they have to offer! Has the weather stayed nice? Hope so–enjoy!

  15. Karen Says:

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us, Nancy! It does indeed look like “pura vida”. I can never get enough of tropical vegetation, the lushness is just stunning. I hope you have a wonderful and very relaxing vacation and can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. Have fun!

  16. goodfoodmatters Says:

    Hi everyone—thanks for all the kind wishes—I hope to write more soon about our adventures.

    Mark–tell Claudette not to worry—I discovered those worms!!! I never took a bite. Their fragrance is amazing.

    Barbara—weather is perfect, fruits are especially wonderful, so fresh. I cook most of our meals. We found a bakery that we love, and tomorrow is the Feria—farmers market.

  17. Anna Says:

    Gorgeous piccys, feel like I am right there with you. Looks absolutely amazing. How did Bill go with his surfing lessons? Enjoy the rest of your holiday. :)

  18. Tammy Says:

    WOW! I visited Costa Rica two years ago and loved it. Pura Vida looks amazing. We found an amazing eco-spa near Arenal too.

  19. nancy Says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Looks like paradise — enjoy! Can’t wait to see more pics.


  20. Juliana Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all the nice pictures…they sure brought me great memories from our vacation in Costa Rica a few years ago :-)

  21. rhonda Says:

    give that ginger flower a squeeze for me!! ah, the aroma!
    have fun!!!! don’t break any ribs, bill!!

  22. Joyti Says:

    How lovely!

  23. Silvia Says:

    Disculpe pero esa no es la flor nacional de Costa Rica.
    La flor nacional de mi pais es la guaria morada y esa es una eliconia

  24. goodfoodmatters Says:

    Gracias, Silvia

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